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Emiko and Shia's Friendship. Part 3. (Reuploaded.)
on the bus heading towards Kyoto for the school trip, Emiko, Shia, and Akio were having a fun time talking with each other and getting thing's planned out for the 3 day field trip in Kyoto.
Emiko: "ok, so far we have unpacking in our room's, having some dinner after doing some sight seeing, then we head into the hot spring's for a relaxing break and to clean up."
Shia: "that's only one day. the other 2 days are free for us to do whatever we want to do. this is going to be so much fun. i've been wanting to go on this trip for so long!"
Akio: "well, we're not the only one's going."
Emiko: "what do you mean by that Akio?"
Akio: "what i mean is that i overheard some of the other's talking and they say that there's going to be a couple other's from different school's going to Kyoto as well."
Shia: "then that mean's we can make more friends and have much more fun in Kyoto as well."
Emiko: "that's a good point Shia."
Akio: "you are one girl who can always look on the bright side of thing's. i
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Emiko and Shia's Friendship. Part 2. (Reuploaded.)
Emiko (age 16) and Shia (age 16) had both just made it to their high school and to their classroom's before the first bell had rung.
Emiko: "that was too close."
Shia: "i thought we would have gotten in trouble big time."
Emiko: "at least we're here."
Shia: "true."
at that moment, Akio come's up to the girl's.
Akio: "Emiko. Shia."
Shia: "hey there Akio."
Emiko: "so your in our class too huh?"
Akio: "yup and i'm glad too. i get to spend more time with my lovely Shia."
what he had said cause's Shia to blush some and giggled lightly.
once they took their seat's, the teacher come's into the room and looks at all of them.
Teacher: "hello there everyone. i'll be your homeroom teacher for this semester. i hope we can get through this in one piece."
everyone let's out a small laugh.
Teacher: "now then, since it's the first day, i'll be giving you all a free period to study and talk amongst yourselves. next period is going to be Science class."
the teacher soon leaves and everyone does what the
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Emiko and Shia's Friendship. Part 1. (Reuploaded.)
a spotlight came on and there was a chair in the middle of it. someone came over to the chair and sat down on it. it was none other then Nakou.
Naoku: "hey there. my name is Nakou. many of you must be wondering how Shia Sagaia and Emiko Mioma first met and became such great friend's. well, i'm here to help tell that exact story. let's take a trip down the time road of Life and see all of the events come to pass as Emiko and Shia......first meet many years ago."
he smiled and turned around as the spotlight faded out.
it was the first day of a new school year at preschool. everyone has taken their seat's in class when the teacher came in.
Teacher: "hello everyone. i'm glad to see you all. we have a new student joining us here today. come on in."
the door opened and in come's the new student. it was a little girl with short brown hair and green eyes. she was wearing a light blue shirt and plad skirt.
Teacher: "her name is S
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Yu-Gi-Oh New Legends. Chapter 42.
Last time on Yu-Gi-Oh New legends, After Rachel's father called and talked with the gang, he mentioned a part of Rachel's past. She sat down and began the tale of her past of what had happened with her and her family ever since her mother was put into a coma. The incident with Vincent during her Highschool days was told and her tale of her past ended as we now continue on.
Jordan was walking down one of the hallways of his secret base with a small bag on his back as he had a evil expression on his face when Lust walked over to him and stood in front of him causing him to stop.
Jordan: Make it quick.
Lust: Are you sure you want to go out and challenge them now? I have just recived word that Gluttony is ready to strike and Greed is in the next town over heading their way.
Jordan: So? I have to deal with them now before those two get there. I will show them just how much power i currently wield.
Lust: What of Pride and sloth and envy?
Jordan: Pride is still on Recon. Sloth is going at her
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My Noire's a Tsundere.
In the Planeptune Basillicom, running could be heard as Nepgear was curious to what it was when
she opened the door to see Neptune at her door and smiles as Nepgear tilts her head looking at her.
Nepgear: Is something the matter Big sis?
Neptune: Nep.Jr! I just had the most awesome idea that we could do together!
Nepgear: Goodness! What's the idea Neptune?
Neptune: I Found the best song we could sing together in our own version!
Nepgear: What!? W-W-We're gonna sing again!?
Neptune: Don't worry my Worrisome sister. We aren't gonna be idols again. This time it's just a fun song.
Nepgear: W-Well, as long as we aren't being Idol's again, I guess it could be okay.
Neptune: That's the spirit! Now, I wrote down the Lyric's so have a look at them and get ready to sing.
Neptune handed Nepgear a couple pieces of paper as she looked it over while Neptune happily headed back to her room as she had left a note on the back of the papers for Nepgear to show up there after reading them. Once she had f
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Twas the Nep before Christmas 2 : A Nep's Surprise
Twas the Eve before Christmas and through the Basilicom, Neptune was sitting on her bed, finishing off her Third pudding with a most happy expression. She wanted to surprise her friends and Little sister once more as she did last year but had to think, how would she do so?
Neptune placed her pudding cup down after finishing it and got up as she went to the closet and pulled out her Santa suit once more and put it on. She had gotten a idea of sneaking into the others rooms while they were busy and look at their list's as first up, was Nepgear of course.
She had gone to Nepgear's room and knocked on the door. But something was strange as there was no answer. Neptune kneels down and bends over to look under the crack of the door to notice that the lights were out only to show that Nepgear had gone to bed early. It puzzled her for a moment as to why Nepgear would go to bed so early but knew she had probably been tinkering with some new gadets all day.
It was then she headed down the hall a
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Newest wallpaper for now of 2016 and on. by Luminargamer Newest wallpaper for now of 2016 and on. :iconluminargamer:Luminargamer 0 8 RWBY OC Folha Irving by Luminargamer RWBY OC Folha Irving :iconluminargamer:Luminargamer 5 2 RWBY OC Amber Duncan by Luminargamer RWBY OC Amber Duncan :iconluminargamer:Luminargamer 2 0
Yugioh Dimension Devastation. Part 2.
Rachel: I set one card and end my turn.
Diva draws her card and looks.
Diva: ^Damn! Another Malefic Red Eyes! I can't summon it.^ I end my turn!
Akiza Draws her card and looks.
Akiza: I'll set one card face down and then switch all our monsters to defense mode and end my turn.
Diva drew her card and smiles.
Diva: I play monster Reincarnation! I discard one card and add a monster from my graveyard back to my hand. I pick My truth dragon!
Akiza: That monster will be trouble if she brings it out.
Rachel: Yeah but she has to give up half her life points to do so. Meaning if she wants to summon it, she'll lose half of her incredible points.
Diva: I end my turn.
Rachel: *Draws her card and looks* It's here. Now, i normal summon The Forgiving Maiden in attack mode!
The Forgiving Maiden appears on the field with 800 ATK and 2000 DEF.
Rachel: Now i use Trump Witches Pendulum effect! Once per turn it can fuse together monsters in place of Polymerization! I merge both Forgiving Maiden and Marie t
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Yugioh Dimension Devastation. Part 1
The future. It's always unpredictable and always ahead of us. But there are time's when the Future can be very bleak and dark where it'd be impossible to even see your own hands in front of you. As long as one can keep going, they can make anything happen.
There are time's where the Future is endangered.
In the middle of New Domino city, destruction was everywhere as many building's had fallen from being destroyed and people were running in fear and terror. Letting out a powerful Roar was Malefic Truth dragon as it fired several fireballs into more building's and destroying them as a few stray fireball's were heading to a group of innocent people. But suddenly the attack's were blocked and in front of the people was Ancient Fairy Dragon glowing.
??: Quickly! You must run away! Hurry before it attacks again!
The one who guided the people out of danger was Luna but as a adult as she was wearing her long pink dress and a white jacket with her Duel Disk active and Ancien
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Farewell to 2015.
A clear night sky, the brisk cold weather, the feeling of the day being different. All have had many events, big and small, happen through the year. Some may have changed, Some may have stayed the same, But it will all feel different at one point in time. The year draws to a close, Everyone is enjoying it the way they can. Those who are friends, Give a hand shake or a hug. Those with family, say thank you for putting up with them for another long year. Those with Lovers or married, give that special someone a tight hug or a big kiss as they are still with you even through hard times. As we all draw this year to a close, Everyone should do one thing for sure no matter what. Give your biggest smile with your head held high and be ready for another new year to come. Say it with pride or whisper it, Happy New Year, From me to you.
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Twas the Nep before Christmas.
Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through the basilicom, not a creature was stirring, Except for a Neptune.
She laid in her bed, all excited as the next day was Christmas, and she couldn't sleep. She carefully got out of bed, making sure not to make a peep. Wanting her little sister and Histoire, to rest peacefully.
Neptune looked out the window and at the stars as she wanted to make sure her friends had a great Christmas. But she had forgotten to give out the gifts she got for everyone, from lots of gaming when she suddenly had a idea.
She went into her closet and pulled out a Santa suit and changed into it as she grabbed a large bag and placed the gifts into it. Transforming into her HDD form and becoming Purple Heart while having the outfit still fitting, she opened her window and flew out of it.
The first destination was to Lastation. She was happy that even Noire went to bed early for the night. Quietly opening the window, Purple Heart floated in and went to Noire's desk an
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Team RWBY! by Luminargamer Team RWBY! :iconluminargamer:Luminargamer 4 5 Naoto Shirogane Wallpaper! 10-12-15 by Luminargamer Naoto Shirogane Wallpaper! 10-12-15 :iconluminargamer:Luminargamer 1 0
DanganRonpa: Ultimate Despair Revival.
The world has forever changed. From one incident, created by the one known as the Ultimate Despair, People have fought to survive and even some have gone so far into Despair that they not only no longer see hope, but wish to Revive the Ultimate Despair or become a successor to it.
The plan's have been stopped a few time's thanks to the group of Future Foundation and the group in Towa City. However, Sometimes the despair can reach those who know many other ways of knowledge.
Leaving a small corner store was a young man wearing a blue button shirt with a breast pocket and black pants as he stood at 5'7'' with short blonde hair and green eyes as he held a small bag with different kinds of food in it and smiled to himself as he began to head off. This young man was one of the one's called, a Ultimate.
Ultimate's, they are known to excel in many different area's be it sport's, writing, medicine, or more. Even Hope and Despair. But this young man kept his Ultimate a secret knowing how much d
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T or D: The End? (pg 14) by Jackurai T or D: The End? (pg 14) :iconjackurai:Jackurai 31 25
A New Group, Art Raffle, ContentUpdates, and More!
I have a lot of news to share with everyone who actively view my content (for better or worse). xD
Say Hello to a new Giantess group hosted by yours truly. It is called, Giantess-Unleashed (complete with placeholder image):
Giantess-Unleashed, is yet another Giantess group which has very lenient guidelines/standards. Anyone is welcome to join and there will be no pesky waiting. I'm taking applications for Co-Founders and Contributors, so please ask if you'd like to be one!
I accept all forms of size content ranging from microphilia-content (normal-size girls interacting with tiny people) to city-sized to even the astronomically enormous. There are places for writers, animators, and 3D modelers as well, so don't be afraid! It is still very much in development and have many other plans going forward. Perhaps even contests. Exciting, right?
For now, the first big event to celebrate the opening of my ne
:iconembernaga:EmBeRNaGa 5 29
It's Not Like I Grew For You Or Anything by Tsuyoshi-kun
Mature content
It's Not Like I Grew For You Or Anything :icontsuyoshi-kun:Tsuyoshi-kun 60 0
[Request Stream] Rachel's neko modo by Hank88 [Request Stream] Rachel's neko modo :iconhank88:Hank88 59 35 Yang Hunter by montyoum Yang Hunter :iconmontyoum:montyoum 2,269 89 Shine for Rachel Fowler by ArthurT2015 Shine for Rachel Fowler :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 49 25 Com - True Love LOOOL by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Com - True Love LOOOL :iconhaters-gonna-hate-me:Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me 221 106 Zuko by Spazzly Zuko :iconspazzly:Spazzly 7,910 338 I Love My PS3 Stamp by angelslain I Love My PS3 Stamp :iconangelslain:angelslain 1,708 263 WarGreymon Stamp by blackdragongal WarGreymon Stamp :iconblackdragongal:blackdragongal 12 0 I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer I Talk to Myself Stamp :iconlatias-flyer:Latias-Flyer 24,233 1,577 NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz NO SMOKE STAMP :iconschtolz:schtolz 21,399 588 I Dont Drink by Tyleen I Dont Drink :icontyleen:Tyleen 576 69 You love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirate You love it too :D :iconelectrikpinkpirate:ElectrikPinkPirate 1,126 59

Journal History


So, Thank you everyone who had wished me a happy birthday. It was nice to see so many people and all say stuff. Had a decent day Monday and been keeping up the best i can with all the good.

The writing is still going and struggling some since it's been so long since i did writing plus having to do a lot of research on the cards for yugioh with how many set's i'm behind on. XD

(Secret hint: The next chapter is gonna dueling against dueling Ninjas! )

But yeah, Thanks to everyone for the wishes and all. Meant a lot to me.

Also, I should have said this long ago but, I'm not on skype as much and the same with YIM and AOL. I've mostly been on Discord.

Here's my Discord for anyone who wants to add me. Just let me know who you are and all. Else i'd be be confused as can be for 10 minutes. XD

Discord: Luminargamer#3707
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Yaaaaaay! It's another year of it being a birthday! This time, finally hit the big 3 and 0. 30. Yup. Though, it doesn't feel or seem like it at all. Oh well, Just another number and another year!

Anyway, I'm gradually working on stories again, very slowly but getting there and gonna do what i can to catch up more on everything i'm behind on.

Yu-Gi-Oh New legends (Gonna fix it up since the new rules will be in effect soon. Honestly, the new summoning method and rules are just....Blah.)
Work more on my RPG with RPG maker to get that going again.
Get a printer working to do coloring once more.
And a lot of other things.

Yeah, I know that there are a lot of people here who really don't care what I say and post on here anymore with my history but that's fine. I get what I deserve and I'll still do the work i have to keep going once more. Even if i have to do things all alone, even if no one reads anything or says a thing, i'll still keep on going.

Defying Logic is what I do best. 

I'll strike back harder then before and go even further. Even if others just suddenly stop talking to me for no reason, even if some friends turn their backs on me, I'll still go on through the pain of it all.

  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Manga and Comics
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Well, First.

Happy Valentines day to everyone and to those who have that special someone. hope it all goes well and sorry for saying this very late and all.

Work and other things kept me busy.

Next, honestly, I'll be glad when this day is done. to be honest, I don't like this day myself and really haven't for years but then again, being single and alone will do that to anyone and seeing every place with so much candy and all, it'd make one's head and eyes spin.

It's another day that's come and soon to be done.
on the bus heading towards Kyoto for the school trip, Emiko, Shia, and Akio were having a fun time talking with each other and getting thing's planned out for the 3 day field trip in Kyoto.

Emiko: "ok, so far we have unpacking in our room's, having some dinner after doing some sight seeing, then we head into the hot spring's for a relaxing break and to clean up."

Shia: "that's only one day. the other 2 days are free for us to do whatever we want to do. this is going to be so much fun. i've been wanting to go on this trip for so long!"

Akio: "well, we're not the only one's going."

Emiko: "what do you mean by that Akio?"

Akio: "what i mean is that i overheard some of the other's talking and they say that there's going to be a couple other's from different school's going to Kyoto as well."

Shia: "then that mean's we can make more friends and have much more fun in Kyoto as well."

Emiko: "that's a good point Shia."

Akio: "you are one girl who can always look on the bright side of thing's. i guess that's one of the reason's i love you."

Shia blushes some and holds her hands to the side's of her face and look's at him.

Shia: "Oh Akio. you are so sweet."

Emiko: "think you two love birds can wait till we get to the Hotel first? can't have something happen between you two here on the bus."

this cause's both Akio and Shia to blush more while Emiko smile's some at the both of them as she knew that this was going to be one fun trip.

after a hour passed, they made it to Kyoto and got off the bus to see that they were at the hot spring's Hotel.

Akio: "hmmmm...."

Shia: "what is it Akio?"

he read's a sign out loud.

Akio: "welcome to the Saotome hot spring's hotel. all your problem's just wash away and your soul will feel renewed as well."

Emiko: "i heard about this hotel. they say that not only do you feel alot better, but even some couple's either confess their love for each other or they fall even deeper in love. it's so romantic."

??: "and it's worked all the time ever since it's been opened."

Everyone looked to see who said that and they saw a young woman with long Black hair wearing a purple Kimono and a smile on her face. she looked to be the age of 24 and was at the height of 5 ft 7 inches tall.

Shia: "who are you?"

??: "my name is Lina Saotome and i'm one of the caretaker's of this hot springs and i'm currently in charge. i've heard about you all coming today so i have just finished getting everything set up and ready."

Emiko: "thank you for letting us stay Ms.Saotome."

Lina: "please, just call me Lina. now if you all will follow me, i'll take you to your room's."

after saying that, Everyone had followed her inside and she took them all to their room's where they'd be staying for their trip in Kyoto.

Emiko: "it's a good thing we're in our own room Shia."

Shia: "true. but it seem's like two others will be joining us."

Emiko: "it does seem like it. i just wonder who they could be?"

Shia: "i'm not sure. but since we have time, why don't we go to the hot springs before dinner?"

Emiko: "good idea. let's go."

the two soon set off to the hot spring and after they got to the changing room, they put their clothes in the basket's there and put towel's around them as the soon head into the hot spring. once they get in the water, they see that there is another person in there and go over to her to see who it is.

Emiko: "hi there."

??: "oh! hello there. how are you?"

Shia: "we're fine. who are you?"

??: "my name is Tomoko Miyaka. it's nice to meet you two."

Emiko: "same here. my name is Emiko."

Shia: "and i'm Shia."

Tomoko: "it's very nice meeting you two."

Emiko: "so what school are you from?"

Tomoko tell's them what school she's from and that they are on the same school field trip as well.

Emiko: "oh wow. your school is the one not far from ours."

Tomoko: "it would seem so. what room are you in?"

Shia: "we're in room 123."

Tomoko: "oh wow. i'm in the same room."

Shia: "this should be fun."

Lina: "i hope you 3 are enjoying the hot spring's."

the three girl's turn to see that Lina had gotten in the hot spring with them and was already relaxing.

Emiko: "when did you get in Lina?"

Lina: "just now. you 3 were having so much fun talking that i just couldn't bring myself to distrub you."

Tomoko: "that's very kind of you."

Shia: "hey Lina? what kind of Hot spring is this? like what kind of healing Mineral's does it have?"

Lina: "well this hot spring help's cure you of depression, back pain's, shoulder pain's, and make's the skin much more smooth and shiny then before."

Emiko: "oh wow."

As the girl's talked on the girl's side of the hot spring, Akio was relaxing in the men's side of the hot spring's with another guy there.

Akio: "oh yeah. this is the life."

??: "i agree. you don't get many chance's like this to relax."

Akio: "got that right buddy. say, who are you?"

??: "my name is Tsubasa."

Akio: "mine is Akio. pleasure to meet you Tsubasa."

Tsubasa: "same here Akio. so, from what we heard Tomoko and the other's say, it seem's that we're on the same field trip."

Akio: "oh yeah. but it's nice to just relax like this in a nice hot spring. i might come back out here later tonight to see the star's."

Tsubasa: "that sound's like a good idea. i'll do the same."

Akio: "that's great. it look's like this is the start of a beautiful friendship Tsubasa."

Tsubasa: "that it does."

just then, the door open's up and someone else come's in. Akio and Tsubasa turn to see that it was a guy not much older then they are. he sit's in the hot spring and begin's to drink some Sake that he had with him.

??: "ah. nothing like some Sake and the hot spring to make you feel more like a man."

Akio: "who are you?"

??: "who me? i'm Kazuharu Kazuki. pleasure to meet you fellows."

Akio: "i'm Akio."

Tsubasa: "and i'm Tsubasa."

Kazuharu: "great name's you got there. so what room are you guy's in?"

Akio and Tsubasa: "room 122"

Kazuharu: "then it seem's like we're in the same room together. i'm here on a small personal trip."

Akio: "a personal trip?"

Kazuharu: "yup. i just got to relax some after all the thing's i've been through in the past few month's. thing's have been crazy for me so this hot spring was just what i needed. it's a good thing Lina let's me come in during the weekday."

Tsubasa: "you know Lina?"

Kazuharu: "of course i do. we've been friend's since Middle School."

after drinking his Sake, he get's up and smile's as he wrap's the towel around his waist and begin's to go to the divider for the hot spring's.

Akio: "what are you doing?"

Kazuharu: "i'm just going to enjoy some Fanservice from the girl's if you get what i mean."

both the guy's look at each other for a moment and then get up to run over to him to pull him back.

Akio and Tsubasa: "you can't do that!"

Kazuharu: "why not!? i'm going to let you guy's have a turn too."

Akio and Tsubasa: "that's not the point!"

Kazuharu: "you can't deprive a man of what he needs to see of the woman body. it's the thing that has kept us going for many years and i plan to keep on doing it!"

Tsubasa: "what kind of Logic is that!?"

Akio: "something for perverts!"

as the guy's try to hold him back, Kazuharu manages to get to the peeking hole and look only to see a cork there that is about to be pushed in.

Kazuharu: "what the?"

the cork get's pushed in and it hit's him in the eye as the hole is now blocked. Kazuharu and the guy's fall backwards into the hot spring.

the guys: "WHOA!"

a small splash is made after that little mishap. Lina sit's back down in the hot spring's with her same smile.

Tomoko: "what was that about?"

Lina: "just getting rid of a horn dog."

the girl's look at each other trying to figure out what she meant while the guy's came up from the water while Kazuharu floated back up and was on his back.

Kazuharu: "that was a dirty trick Lina."

soon after that, after everyone ate dinner and were in their room's prepaired for bed, everyone talked among themselves.

Shia: "this is so nice. i'm glad that the school could do this for us."

Emiko: "enjoy it while you can Shia. graduation is coming up soon."

Tomoko: "i know that feeling myself."

Shia: "even when we graduate, i'm sure we'll all still be friend's no matter what."

Lina: "that is true Shia. friendship is one of the most important thing's that a person can have."

Emiko: "how come your in the same room as us Lina?"

Lina: "to be honest, i accidentally forgot to book myself a room and had to stay in a room with some of the students. eheh heh heh."

Tomoko: "that seem's a little airheaded."

Emiko: "just like Shia."

Shia: "i won't argue with you on that."

all four of the girl's laughed but in the room next to them, Akio and Tsubasa were playing a game of Old Maid before going to bed.

Akio: "sound's like the girl's are having fun."

Tsubasa: "yup. but we can have just as well."

Akio: "if only we could think of something to do beside's play Old Maid."

Kazuharu: "then i have the perfect idea!"

Tsubasa: "if it has to do with peeking on the girl's, then count me out."

Akio: "same with me. i'm not going to do something like peek on them."

Kazuharu: "you guy's are no fun. don't you want to see more of them?"

Akio: "just what do you mean by that?"

Kazuharu: "think about it, the more you see of a girl, the more you want to be with them and get to know them. plus if it's a girl you already like, you want to see as much of her body as you want to have fun with her later in life if you are going to be together. peeking on them once isn't going to hurt."

Tsubasa: "..........."

Akio: "as much as i hate to say it, you got me tempted."

Tsubasa: "i do want to know more about Tomoko myself."

Kazuharu: "that's the spirit! now then, let's get into their room's and sleep in the same Futon as them."

Akio and Tsubasa: "WHAT!?"

he quickly cover's their mouth's and whisper's to them.

Kazuharu: "shut up. do you want them to know what we are planning? now's a once in a life time chance to do this. there are no second chances."

he let's go of their mouths and they sigh some. the 3 guy's quietly go over to the door and Kazuharu look's in to see that they were already in bed and asleep.

Kazuharu: "now's out chance."

the door is quietly slid open as they enter the girl's room and go over to the same Futon's as them. Akio and Tsubasa gulp hard as Kazuharu sneak's into the same Futon as Lina. he then put's his hand on her and goes wide-eyed as he notices something strange. he get's up quickly and remove's the blanket's on the girl's only to see that it was rolled up matresses covered by the blankets.

Kazuharu: "what the!? where did they......."

before he could finish, he get's hit in the back of the head by a paper fan from Lina. he hit's the ground hard with a large lump on his head.

Lina: "i figured you'd try something like this Kazuharu so i had the girl's hide with me to decive you."

Emiko: "i kinda figured it'd be someone like him, but you Akio?"

Tomoko: "how could you Tsubasa?"

Akio and Tsubasa: "it's not like that! we can explain!"

Lina: "if you'd be so kind, take the pervert back to your room with you guys now."

Akio and Tsubasa: "r-right!"

they both run back to their room and close the door while dragging Kazuharu with them.

a few days pass and it was a new day at school since the school trip had ended.

Akio: "I can't believe what happened. it took me the whole next day to explain myself to Emiko and Shia that Kazuharu tricked us. but i'll give him points for being able to get us to do something like that."

the girl's soon come up to Akio.

Shia: "hi there Akio."

Emiko: "hey Akio."

Akio: "hey girls."

Shia: "they finally annouced when graduation is going to be."

Akio: "when is it?"

Emiko: "it's going to be at the end of next month and get this, Shia has been selected to give the gradutation speech since she has had perfect attendance and had great grades."

Akio: "way to go Shia."

Shia: "thanks you two. i really owe it all to both of you. my best friend Emiko and my boyfriend Akio."

Emiko: "well, just like we said back at the hot spring's inn with Lina, we're going to be together forever as best friends."

Akio: "i second that."

Shia: "right!"

not to long after, time had passed and it was the day of Graduation for the student's. the Principal was giving a speech before Shia gave her's.

Principal: "it is with great honor to have been able to help all of you through out all this time here. i must say that all of you have been the best at this school. it is with great honor to stand before all of you on Graduation day to reward you with your Deploma's. but before i do, i'd like to have one of our best and brightest student's, Shia, to give a speech."

he move's to the side and everyone claps and cheer's loudly as Shia come's up and hold's the microphone to give her speech.

Shia: "thank you Principal. and i wish to thank you all. we stand here today as the one's who have made it through the school years to this day to achive our goals. we have helped one another weither it was at the School festival or at the sport's fest. everyone has put their heart's into what they do and what they wish to do once we leave this school. after today, once we leave here to start our brand new live's into the world, we must never forget all those we have met. no matter what we achive or how famous some of us become like a star or a artist or a Manga creator or even a singer, we all should never forget these precious moment's that we had together here. thank you all."

she put's the microphone down and walks down as everyone cheers and claps loudly for Shia.

Emiko: "that was great Shia!"

Shia: "thanks!"

Akio: "i am so proud to have such a great woman like you as a girlfriend Shia."

Shia: "thank you Akio."

the Principal soon give's the student's their Deploma's and everyone cheer's as they head out into the world for their live's to truely begin.

years pass and Emiko is heading off to a special event.

Emiko: "i can't believe that those two are finally doing it."

she arrives at a wedding chaple and goes inside.

Emiko: "Shia and Akio are actually getting married. i'm so happy for them. Shia told me everything about all their date's and how they have been becoming closer that Akio finally asked Shia to marry him."

after looking around for a few minutes and getting help finding the room, Emiko goes into the room where Shia is as she was getting her wedding dress on her.

Emiko: "oh wow Shia. you look amazing."

Shia turns around and smile's a she walks over to Emiko and hold's her hand's with a exicted smile on her face.

Shia: "oh Emiko! i'm so glad you could come."

Emiko: "of course. i wouldn't miss your wedding for the world."

the door open's and in come's Tomoko and Lina.

Lina: "well look at you Shia."

Shia: "Tomoko! Lina! it's been so long!"

Tomoko: "yes it has. i'm glad i could be here for your wedding as one of the bride's maid."

Lina: "same here. i guess Emiko is one as well."

Emiko: "yup."

Shia: "it's so good that the 4 of us could be together again after all these years. we haven't been together like this since the Hot Spring's."

Tomoko: "i remember that like it was just yesterday."

Lina: "we had so much fun there. make's me proud to actually have been there when you all shown up."

Emiko: "but now's Shia's biggest day. her wedding."

Shia: "thank you all for being here."

Shia wipe's away a tear of happiness from being re-united with all her close friends.

meanwhile Tsubasa and Kazuharu were with Akio as he was putting on his tuxedo.

Tsubasa: "thanks for having us come."

Akio: "it's not a problem. beside's, it's the least i could do. you two are my friend's even though you are still perverted Kazuharu."

Kazuharu: "i'll admit to it. i'm a pervert to the very end. but you are one lucky dog Akio. to be marrying such a beauty as Shia."

Akio: "i know. but you better keep your hands off her."

Kazuharu: "don't worry. i'm a married man myself. i even brought my son with me."

the two look and see a young man near Kazuharu letting out a small smile as he looked to be in a little younger then Akio.

Tsubasa: "oh wow. i never knew you had a kid."

Kazuharu: "well, i got married not too long ago. beside's, it has been many years since we last saw each other. i'd like you guy's to meet my son, Bob Kazuki."

Bob: "hello there."

Akio: "nice to meet you Bob. i'm Akio Sagaia."

Tsubasa: "and i'm Tsubasa."

Bob: "it's nice to meet you."

Akio: "it's good you brought him Kazuharu. one of my best men couldn't make it due to a business trip. so do you think...."

Kazuharu: "of course. i don't mind him being one of your best men. beside's, it's your's and Shia's big day."

Akio: "thanks. i owe you one."

Kazuharu: "just don't forget it."

soon after that, everyone was in the hall waiting for Shia to arrive. the door open's and the wedding song begins to play as Emiko walks down the hall with Shia. everyone is in Awe at how beautiful Shia looked in her wedding gown. Emiko went to stand with the other bride's maid's as Shia stood across from Akio and was blushing hard.

Priest: "now then, do you, Shia, Take Akio Sagaia, to be your husband? through Love and sickness, til death do you part?"

Shia: "i do."

Priest: "and do you, Akio Sagaia, Take Shia to be your Wife? through Love and Sickness, Til Death do you part?"

Akio: "i do."

Preist: "please present the wedding Ring."

Tsubasa hands Akio the wedding Ring. Akio places the Ring on Shia's ring finger.

Preist: "by the power vested in me, i now pronouce you, Husband and Wife. you may now kiss the bride."

Shia and Akio kiss each other and everyone cheer's loudly in joy and the wedding bell's Ring. at the outside, Shia and Akio walk down the red carpet to the Limo with everyone cheering for them and throwing Confeity to them. they get in the Limo and the car takes off.

years later, Akio was with Shia in the Hospital as she was giving birth to a child.

Akio: "you can do it Shia. push."


Doctor: "i can see the head. push just a little harder."

Shia: "THE PAIN!"

Akio: "it's almost over Shia. just one more push."


the baby soon come's out and was crying. the doctor cut's the umbilicol cord and put's the baby in a blanket after drying it off and hand's it to Shia.

Doctor: "congradulations. it's a boy."

Shia takes the baby and Akio look's at him with Shia.

Akio: "our first child."

Shia: "he's so beautiful."

Akio: "what shall we name him?"

Shia: "i got a name. Reno. Reno Sagaia."

Akio: "Reno it is."

however, not that many years pass that Shia and Akio were back in the hospital as she was giving birth to one more Child. but this time, Reno was in the waiting room with Emiko.

Reno: "will mommy be ok?"

Emiko: "of course she will be Reno. your going to have a new baby brother or sister."

Reno: "really? yay!"

Emiko: "yeah."

after a couple hour's, Shia and Akio come out and was holding another baby.

Emiko: "Shia! Akio!"

Akio: "thanks for watching Reno for us Emiko."

Emiko: "it's alright. are you ok Shia?"

Shia: "i'm just fine Emiko. look. it's our new baby daughter. Mina."

Reno: "yay! i got a sister!"

Akio: "that's right Reno. now that your a brother, you have to take good care of her and make sure nothing bad happen's to her. do you understand?"

Reno: "yes daddy."

howevere, all that was soon to change. on one rainy day, Shia was walking down the Road with Reno as she was heading home while Akio was watching Mina.

Shia: "i hope this Rain clears up."

As she was at a cross walk with Young Reno and looking both ways, they were walking across the street since they had the signal to cross. Reno walked ahead and was having fun with the puddles.

Shia: "careful there Reno. i don't want you getting hurt."

Reno: "yes mommy."

at the same time, Emiko was walking down the street across from them with her young daughter, Narumi.

Emiko: "look's like i got everything to prepair dinner. hm?"

she look's across the street to see Reno and Shia.

Emiko: "oh! it's Shia and Reno."

at that moment however, a truck was coming the down the road unable to stop in time due to the wet roads from the rain. Shia and Emiko saw the truck and saw that Reno was in the way.

Shia: "RENO!"

she quickly run's to him and pushes him out of the way in time and smile's but only to be hit by the truck instead. the truck screeches to a hault as Emiko saw this and dropped her Umbrella with a Shocked look on her face.

Emiko: "SHIA! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

after the Ambulance was called and rushed to the Hospital, Emiko called Akio and told him about what happened. he quickly got in the car with Mina with their Cousin, Ruri and rushes to the Hospital while Emiko rushed there with Reno and Narumi.

they were in the waiting room waiting for the doctor. 5 hours pass til the doctor came out and walked over to them.

Akio: "how is she doctor!? how is my wife!?"

the doctor let's out a small sad sigh as he faces them.

Doctor: "we've done all that could for her. but i'm afraid she doesn't have much time left."

Akio: "no......."

Doctor: "you may go see her now to say your good-byes."

Everyone head's in and Reno and Mina rush to Shia's bed side.

Reno and Mina: "MOMMY!"

Shia open's her eyes some and smile's as she look's to see everyone.

Shia: "Reno.....Mina....i'm so glad your Ok."

Akio: "Shia......."

Shia: "Akio. i'm sorry. i should have kept a better eye on Reno."

Akio: "don't talk. it's not your fault. please, try to save your strength."

Shia: "it's ok. i know that.....i'm almost out of time here. i'm just glad i could see all of your wonderful face's one last time."

Emiko: "Shia, i'm so sorry. i was across the street when it happened. i should have ran out to Get Reno instead of you getting hit. i'm so sorry."

Shia: "it's alright Emiko. i know you would have done the same thing. but now we're all together one last time just like back in school."

Akio: "Please Shia........"

Shia: "it's ok Akio. Reno, Mina......."

Mina and Reno: "yes mommy?"

Shia: "i want you two to be good for now and forever. Reno, you have the Responsiblity of watching out for your little sister."

Reno: "yes Mommy."

Shia: "and Mina, you be a good girl and do what Reno tell's you without giving him any trouble alright."

Mina: " *sniffle* yes Mommy."

Shia: "Ruri...."

Ruri: "yes Aunt Shia?"

Shia: "I want you to help watch over them. it's your job now. you must be their big sister now instead of being the cousin. alright?"

Ruri: "yes Aunt Shia."

Shia: "Emiko, thank you for being my friend for so long. your the best friend a girl could ever ask for in this world. i just wish i could spend more time with all of you."

Emiko was slowly crying some from Shia's Word's.

Shia: "and Akio?"

Akio: "yes Shia?"

Shia: "i'm glad we meet all those years ago back at Elementary School after you saved me from those bullies. i'm happy that we became Boyfriend and Girlfriend soon after that up to the day we got Married. i was so happy back then and i still am."

Akio: "Shia..........."

Shia: "i love you all, from the bottom of my heart. Good.........bye."

and with that, the machine does a long beep as it show's that her heart has stopped and she passes on to the next world leaving all those she loved behind. she was soon buried in the Cemetary with everyone she knew there crying tears of sadness from losing her.

Years later, into the present day...........

Reno and Mina were heading out to school after eating breakfast that Ruri had fixed for them.

Reno: "later Ruri! see you after School!"

Mina: "Onee-chan! wait up!"

Ruri: "have a good day at school!"

the two meet up with Narumi as she was heading to school with Aria and Nakou. the 5 of them soon walked to school together as Ruri and Akio watch them leave together.

Ruri: "i'm so happy that they have become so grown-up through out all these years."

Akio: "yeah. it seem's like Shia's final word's have left a large impression on you three."

Ruri: "i'm only doing what i have promised her all those years ago."

Akio: "yeah. well, im heading off."

Ruri: "where are you going?"

Akio: "to Shia's grave to pay my respect's to her."

Ruri: "then i'll have a nice lunch ready for you when you return. can you pay my repsects to her too?"

Akio: "sure thing Ruri. bye."

Akio soon left the house after that and headed off.

everything fades out and the spotlight come's back onto Nakou as he continues to sit in the chair.

Nakou: "and that is the story of Shia and Emiko's Friendship from their fated meeting to their untimely departure. i hope you all enjoyed this little story of how a single spark of friendship between 2 childhood friend's from Elementary school can go so far. i bid you all, farewell for now."

the spot light fade's away ending the story.

Emiko and Shia's Friendship. Part 3. (Reuploaded.)
Hello everyone. This is the final part of the Tale and it brings with meeting's of other characters as well.

Lina, Kazuharu, and Bob told in this story belong to me.

Tsubasa and Tomoko belong to :icondunamissolgard1002:

The other characters belong to :iconsanone:

This is a story that tells the tale for three OC's that belong to :iconsanone: as it is something i did for him and all.

I am re-uploading it now cause having it taken down, that ain't right. So, please do enjoy the story and the tale as it tells of the two of them meeting, as they finish a trip, lead to the wedding, and then, to the end.

Thank you all for reading this, feels heavy tale of Emiko's and Shia's friendship, the wedding of Shia and Akio Sagaia and the birth of Reno and Mina Sagaia.

Emiko (age 16) and Shia (age 16) had both just made it to their high school and to their classroom's before the first bell had rung.

Emiko: "that was too close."

Shia: "i thought we would have gotten in trouble big time."

Emiko: "at least we're here."

Shia: "true."

at that moment, Akio come's up to the girl's.

Akio: "Emiko. Shia."

Shia: "hey there Akio."

Emiko: "so your in our class too huh?"

Akio: "yup and i'm glad too. i get to spend more time with my lovely Shia."

what he had said cause's Shia to blush some and giggled lightly.

once they took their seat's, the teacher come's into the room and looks at all of them.

Teacher: "hello there everyone. i'll be your homeroom teacher for this semester. i hope we can get through this in one piece."

everyone let's out a small laugh.

Teacher: "now then, since it's the first day, i'll be giving you all a free period to study and talk amongst yourselves. next period is going to be Science class."

the teacher soon leaves and everyone does what they want during their free period.

Akio: "look's like we lucked out for our first period."

Emiko: "i'll say. but we have Science next."

Shia: "oh well. i'm just happy that the three of us get to be in the same class together just like back in middle school."

Emiko: "Shia, me and you have been in just about the same classes ever since Elementary school."

Shia: "you do have a point."

Akio: "i'm so glad i got to know you two. this is going to make high school so much fun. not mention all the interesting event's that happen's at high school!"

Shia: "what do you mean?"

Akio: "i'm talking about the school dance's, the school festival's, the ceremony's and more!"

Emiko: "but all that stuff isn't going to be happening for month's Akio. your kinda getting ahead of yourself."

Akio: "so what? i'm just thinking about all the fun we'll have when the time come's."

Shia: "it's better to think of all the fun time's then to not."

Emiko: "you do have a good point there Shia."

The bell then rang several minutes later and everyone goes to their next classes.

in the Science class, the teacher had everyone pair up in 3's.

Teacher: "now student's, be careful when pouring the chemical's, they are questionable right now. but don't worry. none of them are deadly or harmful."

Akio: "is that suppose to make us feel any better?"

Emiko: "good try though. right Shia?"

both Akio and Emiko look's at Shia and they get shocked expression's on their face's as they see Shia barely having her eyes open and shaking some as she tries to mix two chemical's into another.

Shia: "c-c-carefully. c-c-carefully. e-easy now."

Emiko and Akio: "Shia becareful!"

she then pour's them into the chemical and a big puff of smoke is made from it and only cover's Shia.

the smoke clear's and Shia was covered in the dust from the Chemicals. She stood there for a minute with a innocent expression on her face.

Shia: *cough* *cough* "what just happened?"

Akio: "easy. when you poured the chemical's, you went from Shia to dusty."

Shia: "huh?"

Emiko: "that's kinda funny Akio. now let's get you cleaned up Shia."

Shia: "right. ah.....ah....AHCOO!"

she managed to sneeze hard enough to get the dust from on her on to Akio and Emiko. both of them had confused expression's on their face's.

Shia laughed alot from it and Emiko and Akio looked at each other and laughed as well.

after that, 3 months had pasted and everyone was doing a quiz in class at the time. Everyone finished and handed in their quiz sheet's and headed to get some lunch.

Shia: "i hope we did alright on the test."

Emiko: "i'm sure we did. we did spend alot of time studying."

Shia: "true. how about you Akio?"

Akio: "me? i studyed some. so i might have done good."

Emiko: "that's not really reassuring Akio"

Akio: "i know that. but anyway, let's get some lunch. i'm as hungry as can be."

Shia: "good idea."

after the 3 of them got their lunch and ate, they soon went to P.E for their next class. on one side the boy's we're playing some Soccer while the girl's were doing some track.

Shia: "i'm glad we're both on the track team."

Emiko: "i'll say. we get to have fun and stay in shape."

Shia: "yeah. plus it look's like Akio is doing great at Soccer too."

Emiko: "he's one of the best player's we got for the school. the big soccer game is coming up next month after the School Festival which is going to be a good 2 day's before it."

Shia: "not to mention we're suppose to be going on a School trip to a Kyoto a month after that."

Emiko: "look's like we're going to be busy for the next 2 month's."

Shia: "yeah. we got to take some test's after the school Festival and the Soccer game. it seem's like everything is getting planned out too far ahead in advanced for us to keep up with."

Emiko: "it's how some School's are Shia. beside's, at least we're not being bored out of our minds."

Shia: "that is true Emiko."

While the girl's Ran, Akio was working hard on his Soccer practice.

Akio: "i can do this. no pressure."

Teacher: "Akio! keep focused! your one of our best player's. no messing up!"

Akio: "i know that! so stop pressuring me!"

after looking at the teacher to reply, he turns his head only to get a good close up meeting of his face with the Soccer ball.

Akio: "GAH!"

Teacher: "i told you to stay focused."

the Soccer ball rolled off his face and onto the ground leaving a mark on his face.

Akio: "i'm going to the nurse's office."

Teacher: "fine."

once he got there and the nurse took care of his face injury, Emiko and Shia come's in to see him.

Emiko: " hey Akio. how are you feeling?"

Shia: "does your face still hurt?"

Akio: "a little. but i would have been fine if not for that teacher distracting me."

Emiko: "you do know when talking to a teacher and getting in Soccer practice, your not suppose to turn your head."

Akio: "now you tell me."

Shia: "is it because of what's going on next month?"

Akio: "yeah. with the big game right after the school festival, it's become a lot for me to deal and think with."

Emiko: "don't worry Akio."

Shia: "she's right. we'll be there to watch your game and cheer you on."

Akio: "thanks girl's. are you going to wear any cheerleader outfit's?"

Emiko: "that's on a maybe. just as long as you don't be perverted Akio."

Akio: "caught me red handed. heh heh heh heh."

Shia: "oh Akio."

time went by and it was the week before the school festival. everyone except for Shia, Emiko, and Akio's class had picked a theme.

Teacher: "alright everyone, we have one week before the school festival and we have yet to choose a theme for our class. if anyone has any idea's, please say so now."

everyone mutter's for a moment trying to think of something for them to use. that's when Shia stood up with a idea.

Shia: "how about a Cafe'?"

Akio: "a Cafe'?"

Shia: "yeah. we all can work on it together. we girl's can be the waitresses and the guy's can be the waiter's. we'll have menu's for the customer's and drink's for everyone. it'll be alot of fun."

Emiko: "if we also make a little profit from it, we can help out the school for the trip too."

Female Student: "i like the idea."

Male student: "so do i. it does sound like it'll be fun."

Teacher: "then it's seattled. we'll do a Cafe'. Shia, Emiko, and Akio, you'll be in charge. make sure to have everything ready."

the 3 of them nodded in agreement.

for the past next 5 day's everyone in class helpped out and got the tables ready along with the menu's, drink's, food, and the outfit's for everyone to wear. Everyone enjoyed their time making and setting everything up for the festival.

after classes and after helping out, Emiko, Shia, and Akio were walking home together with the sun starting to set.

Emiko: "i can't believe the school Festival is only tomorrow."

Shia: "it's a good thing we managed to get everything done on time and before tomorrow."

Akio: "it would be awkward to not have it all finished by the day of the school Festival."

Emiko: "that is true. so, what should we take Shift's?"

Akio: "i got to help the soccer team with a quick performance in the morning so i'll take the afternoon Shift."

Shia: "that mean's we get the morning Shift."

Emiko: "we can pull it off. i know we can."

Akio: "well i better get home. i got to get my stuff ready for tomorrow. i'll see you two girl's tomorrow."

Shia and Emiko: "later Akio."

as he head's on home, the girl's walk alittle further to get home themselves.

Emiko: "so, when is it?"

Shia: "when is what?"

Emiko: "your next date with Akio? you two have been going out since Elementary school."

Shia: "we haven't figured that out yet. but he did say it'll be Romantic and breath taking."

Emiko: "your so lucky Shia. you got such a great guy so soon. i hope i'll get one soon myself."

Shia: "don't worry Emiko. i know you will and when you do, i'll cheer you on the best i can."

Emiko: "thanks Shia. i needed to hear that."

Shia: "we are best friends after all."

Emiko: "yeah."

The two make it home and go to sleep later that night.

it soon is the next day and everyone is doing their best and having fun at the school Festival.

Akio and two other Soccer member's are showing everyone a few tricks for their team while Emiko and Shia are in their Waitress uniform's serving the Customer's for the Cafe'.

Emiko: "welcome to the Cafe'. follow me and i'll find a good table for you."

Customer: "thank you very much."

Shia: "what can i get you 3 boys?"

Boy 1: "i'll have a coffee."

Boy 2: "i'll have some of the cake."

Boy 3: "i'll have both a coffee and some cake."

Shia: "coming right up."

as Shia goes to get their order's, she look's out the window for a moment and notice's Akio.

Shia: "you look great out there today Akio."

just as she begins to walk some while looking out the window, she doesn't notice what's ahead of her.


Shia: "huh!?"

both of the two girl's bump into each other. the coffee that Emiko was carrying on a tray spilled all over Shia getting her soaked in coffee as they both were on their butts on the ground.

Emiko: "i'm so sorry Shia. are you ok?"

Shia: "it's alright Emiko. it's my fault. i wasn't paying attention to where i was going."

Emiko: "then i think it's time we go on break. let's go get you changed."

Shia: "good idea."

the two head to the girl's bathroom so they both can change out of their uniforms and into normal clothes so they can enjoy the school festival as well.

they first go to see the rest of Akio's soccer team practice and watch with the rest of the crowd. after they had finished and Akio changed into his normal clothes, he walked around with the girl's before his Shift at the Cafe'.

Shia: "you looked incredible out there Akio."

Emiko: "i agree with Shia. you were wonderful and not a single mistake. your getting better."

Akio: "thanks girl's. i need to be getting better for the soccer match that's coming up soon."

Shia: "yeah and i know you'll win it for us Akio."

Akio: "you think so?"

Shia: "yeah. i know so."

Akio: "you know, i needed that confidence boost. thanks Shia."

Shia: "your very welcome Akio."

Emiko: "so, shall we enjoy the rest of the festival before the bon fire tonight?"

Shia: "good idea."

the three of them enjoyed the rest of the school festival without any problems and enjoyed the bon fire as well as everyone danced around the bon fire to honor the end of the festival.

2 days later, it was the big soccer game and everyone was there. Emiko and Shia found good spot's to sit down and watch while being in the front row where they could cheer Akio on.

Shia: "good thing we got here just in time."

Emiko: "yeah. can't afford to miss this can we?"

Shia: "not a chance."

the whistle was soon blown to signal the start of the game.

the ball was kicked off by the opposing team and were heading down the field to Akio's team's goal.

the home team came at them and managed to steal the ball from them and was now heading to the opposing team's goal. one of the opposing member's was about to steal the ball when it was passed over to Akio.

Akio kept on going down the field and kicked it the best he could and got it into the goal giving the team the first point.

Akio: "got it!"

Shia: "way to go Akio!"

Emiko: "keep it up!"

Akio was running down the field with the ball as he was heading towards the goal to get another point for the team but while running, he see's 3 of the opposing team member's heading right for him.

that is when he passes it over to his team mate on the right and dodges them as the team mate on the right passes it to the one on the left and get's a bit further down. once they get down close enough, they pass it to Akio.

team mate 2: "IT'S ALL YOU AKIO!"

Akio: "YOU GOT IT!"

he kick's it from where he was and it goes right into the goal giving the team another point.

as the game goes on for a good couple hour's, the score was soon tied as it was down to the last play and Akio's team had the ball.

Emiko: "this is it. the last play before the end of the game."

Shia: "i hope Akio can win it for us."

Emiko: "yeah but don't forget he's pretty worn out from all the plays. the other team haven't been letting up at all."

Shia: "your right Emiko."

Akio was breathing hard as he had the ball.

Akio: "man. i didn't expect the game to get this tough and the score get tied like this. we've got to win this. i know we can."

the whistle blow's to signal the last play to begin.

all the soccer player's begin to move all at the same time as they head down the field.

Akio was moving the ball down the field with his team mate's. he see's one of the other team mates coming at him and passes it to his team mate.

once the team mate get's it, one of the opposing member's get's the ball from him and begin's to run with it down to the goal.

Akio: "not good!"

he begin's to run down the other side of the field in order to catch up with him and manges to get to him. Akio blocks the member and begin's to move the same way he was in order to steal the ball back from him.

as soon as he see's a opening, he steal's it back and begins to rush down the field once more and two of his team mates catch up with him as he soon passes the ball to them and they pass it back to him.

Emiko: "they are almost there!"

Shia: "you can do it guys! keep it up!"

Emiko: "just a little closer and our team will win!"

just as they were getting closer to the goal, Akio see's one of the opposing member's sliding towards them.

Akio: *oh no. with the rate he's coming........i got to hog the ball*

instead of passing the ball, Akio keeps moving down the field with it and tries to dodge the opposing member.

however, he doesn't dodge in time and not only is the ball stolen from him, but he is flipped onto his back and hit's the ground hard.

Akio: "GAH!"

Emiko and Shia: "AKIO!"

he quickly get's back up and start's to run to the team member who has the ball but wasn't closing the distance. before he could catch up to him, the opposing player shot the ball into the goal giving his team the win.

the whistle is soon blown.


Emiko: "we lost and we were so close too."

Shia: "i'm going to check on Akio. he might be hurt."

Emiko: "good idea."

as the girl's go over to him, they help him head to the nurse's office as he was walking slowly with a hand on his back from the fall. the nurse check's him and she tell's him to lay down for a little bit and rest up. the nurse leaves the room for a little bit.

Emiko: "how are you doing Akio?"

Akio: "i'm doing fine it's just that my Ego took bit of a hit."

Shia: "i'm just glad your ok Akio and that you didn't have any serious injuries."

Akio: "thanks Shia."

Emiko: "why did you hog the ball if you knew this was going to happen?"

Akio: "well, the way the guy was sliding and the angle his foot was at, if i passed it to anyone, they would have had a sprained or broken ankle. so it was best if i took the fall even if it meant us losing the game."

Shia: "then you made the right choice in doing so Akio. it's better to have lost the game then let your friend get hurt."

Akio: "yeah. i just hope the coach understands."

Emiko: "don't worry. we'll be there with you to tell him what you told us."

Shia: "that's right. i'm not going to let him yell at you for something like this."

Akio: "he won't yell at me Shia. i might have to do extra practice for the next 2 week's though."

Emiko: "at least our school trip is coming up."

Akio: "that's right. we're going to Kyoto. did the teacher's say anything about it?"

Shia: "yeah. it's going to be a 4 day and 3 night stay. even some of the Senior's will be coming with us on this trip."

Akio: "are they now? i wonder which one's will it be?"

Emiko: "who know's. but i'm sure it's going to be a trip we'll never forget."

Shia and Akio: "right!"

after that day, Akio had practiced harder for the team and Shia and Emiko joined the cheerleading team in order to cheer Akio on at each of his games for moral support and to make sure that he doesn't get hurt worse like before.

a little time passes and it was the day of the school trip to Kyoto.

Emiko: "this is going to be so much fun."

Shia: "i have been waiting for this trip ever since we were first told about it."

Akio: "we can finally relax for 4 day's and 3 night's. me and the other guy's have a few thing's planned out for this trip thanks to one of the Senior's."

Emiko: "i hope you guy's have fun then."

Akio: "oh we will."

Shia: "let's hurry and get on the bus if we want to go you two."

Emiko and Akio: "we're coming!"

the 3 of them get onto the bus and after everyone got onto it, the bus took off with everyone as they headed to Kyoto for their school trip.

TO BE CONTINUED....................
Emiko and Shia's Friendship. Part 2. (Reuploaded.)
Hello everyone. This is the 2nd part of the story.

This is a story that tells the tale for three OC's that belong to :iconsanone: as it is something i did for him and all.

this part tells the tale of their high school days so please enjoy.
So, Thank you everyone who had wished me a happy birthday. It was nice to see so many people and all say stuff. Had a decent day Monday and been keeping up the best i can with all the good.

The writing is still going and struggling some since it's been so long since i did writing plus having to do a lot of research on the cards for yugioh with how many set's i'm behind on. XD

(Secret hint: The next chapter is gonna dueling against dueling Ninjas! )

But yeah, Thanks to everyone for the wishes and all. Meant a lot to me.

Also, I should have said this long ago but, I'm not on skype as much and the same with YIM and AOL. I've mostly been on Discord.

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